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In 2006 Stephen Olejar was working as a field service engineer in the coordinate measuring machine (CMM) industry when his customers began to experience a need to have their Renishaw PH9 probe heads repaired and serviced as an alternative to the high cost of upgrading to the Renishaw PH10.

Mr. Olejar observed that while smaller companies had a hard time paying for the PH10 upgrade, they were able to afford the cost of a probe head repair. As a result, he founded SEO Technologies in response to his customers’ needs and the growing market demand.

Since then, SEO Technologies has grown into an international company serving a broad range of satisfied customers by providing a complete range of probe head services including comprehensive repair and certification, repair by loan (RBL), and purchase programs of reconditioned units.

SEO Technologies is committed to excellence in customer satisfaction and warrantees all probe head repairs and services for 90 days.

Stephen E. Olejar


Stephen Olejar was born and raised in a working family in a Western New York community where he learned from his parents the meaning of integrity and the value of a dollar. He was the kind of kid who began using hand tools before kindergarten and studied the workings of engines, disassembling and re-assembling them in grade school just for the fun of it. In high school Mr. Olejar was a competitive motocross athlete and spent countless hours tinkering with his cycles for the joy of improving engine performance and suspension geometry.

Mr. Olejar later earned his degree in electrical technology which in conjunction with his 40 years of electro-mechanical experience, analytical skills and attention to detail has empowered him to be successful in a variety of fields. His extensive career includes experiences as a millwright, design engineer, field service engineer, aeronautical Sr. electro-mechanical technician, and manager of quality assurance.

Mr. Olejar currently focuses his professional energy on meeting the needs of his customers in the CMM industry to provide them with the excellence in product delivery and customer service they have come to expect from him. He is an active member of his community, has two grown children, and currently resides in Western New York.

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